Alle Designs von Thomaso

America Flaschen & Tassen - Trinkflasche
Buddha Board Flaschen & Tassen - Tasse
NSAski Flaschen & Tassen - Trinkflasche
Deep talk Flaschen & Tassen - Trinkflasche
Sports change the world Taschen & Rucksäcke - Stoffbeutel
Buddha board Langarmshirts - Frauen Premium Langarmshirt
Iranski Langarmshirts - Männer Premium Langarmshirt
Kimski Flaschen & Tassen - Trinkflasche

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Über Thomaso
Thomas Olsson is a Swedish illustrator who works from his Gothenburg-based studio. In recent years he has specialized in illustrations inspired by 40 - and 50's. Thomas also produce posters with designs from everything between tourism and political satire. Several of the posters created in collaboration with newspapers and magazines.